Pi-Day Run 2017

The typical 5K of 3.1 miles is so old-school. ISC’s “Pi K” is so much better because MATH makes it a 3.14-mile run. Or trot, saunter, walk, skip or strut.

Start the spring season off right with a Pi K Fun Run! March 14, or 3.14, is celebrated internationally in honor of the math constant pi. Illinois Science Council, a Chicago nonprofit promoting science and math, teams up with Fleet Feet Sports to honor the importance of pi and running in our lives with a Pi Day 3.14 mile fun run. (Note to our fleet footed rule followers — we know Pi K technically means 3.14 kilometers, not 3.14 miles, but “Pi K” just rhymes better than “3 point 1 4 mile run.” It’s an artistic choice.)

Each location will have a post-run pi(e) party immediately following the run at the Fleet Feet store including pizza, beer, of course pie, and games with prizes (prizes are for mental ability, not run times).

You must register at http://PiDayRun.org/ by March 13 at 5pm; there is no day-of registration. The awesome Pi K Run T-Shirt is only guaranteed to runners who register by March 1.

Visit https://www.facebook.com/events/202950550179751/ for more information!